The earlier you buy, the less you pay for skiing!

The winter season of 2018/19 is introducing a revolutionary innovation at the resorts in the Tatras – a modern pricing method and online sale of ski passes via a new functionality of the GOPASS website that is going to be launched at the beginning of the winter season.

Ski pass rates will not be fixed anymore but flexible depending on the number of sold passes, the number of clients at resorts in given periods and the date of purchase. A similar pricing method is used by airlines, hotels etc. and is now being launched by many ski resorts around the world such as St. Moritz.


The most advantageous solution for buying skipasses on!

  • The purchasing process on will be “live”, with rates calculated automatically by the programme. The main aim is to spread skiers equally around individual resorts during the whole season. This is why ski passes will cost more in the busiest periods and less when there are not as many clients at resorts.
  • The rates will depend not only on the numbers of skiers but also on weather and other external factors which will be reflected in several price levels.
  • With the new system, skiers who buy their passes in advance can “catch” the best prices. Time-limited special offers at symbolic rates will be available too. Follow our website and social networks regularly to learn more.
  • And vice versa – if you buy your ski pass online at the last moment or in the ski resort, you will pay more.


So enjoy skiing at the best prices and buy your ski passes online, comfortably at home, without queuing. With Gopass, you can also collect loyalty points and get rewards not only in resorts but also in all TMR hotels.


Skipass = Aquapass
Don´t worry about bad weather or that you don´t manage to use your ski pass – just change it for fun in water parks. Ski on the best slopes on one day and relax at a pool on the next one! Use your ski pass as a ticket to Water park Bešeňová, to Aquapark Tatralandia or to Aquacity Poprad*.

* Valid for 2 or more day ´s skipasses.
** In order to use the aqua pass, please activate your ski pass on a ski piste.
*** In one day you can only use the ski pass or aqua pass only (combination is not possible)




go pass
Via your gopass account

Via your gopass account (the prices are flexible and depend on the date you choose, the latest supply and demand as well as the time difference between the date of purchase and the planned date of ski pass use). For individual prices, more details and terms of the ski pass sale via gopass accounts, please visit


On the spot

At the hotel reception, automated ticket machines or regular ticket offices. Prices of ski passes purchased in this way are published only on the date of purchase because they are flexible and depend mainly on the supply and demand.


With accommodation

Ski passes can be purchased also when booking accommodation via the reservation department of TMR hotels or afterwards (the prices depend on the date of planned ski pass use and they are fixed, i.e. they remain unchanged regardless the time difference between the date of purchase and date of ski pass use).

Ski passes purchased via the reservation department of TMR hotels can cost less or more than ski passes purchased via your gopass account depending on the date.
If you cancel a ski pass purchased via the reservation department, the paid amount can be used in the form of a credit for buying services while you stay at the hotel. To do so, however, you have to inform us at least 24 hours prior to arrival.