Accommodation rates at Grandhotel are flexible and depend on the date and time you book your stay. We suggest early booking at least 45 days in advance to get the lowest rates.

Please use our booking form below to check the availability on specific dates.

Approximate rates

RoomsAutumn 2018Winter 2018/2019Spring 2019
Standardfrom 99 €from 104 €from 99 €
Deluxefrom 119 €from 124 €from 119 €
Suitefrom 169 €from 174 €from 169 €
Junior Suitefrom 139 €from 144 €from 139 €
Royal Suitefrom 219 €from 224 €from 219 €

* Rates per room and night with breakfast are based on 2-person occupancy. The price doesn´t include the local charge for guests staying in the area.

Get up to 30€ off with Gopass

Good news for all Gopass holders! From now on, you can redeem your points for discounts on hotel packages.
When booking your stay, use your points and get up to 30€ off. Just enter the number of your Gopass card into the booking form.

Gopass pointsDiscount
1000 points10 € off
2000 points20 € off
3000 points30 € off