We are honoured

Grandhotel**** Starý Smokovec, which is built in Art Nouveau style, was opened as one of the first big hotels in the Tatras in 1904 and has been writing its story ever since.

For over 100 years, it has been an honour for us to welcome thousands of guests, including various popular personalities who not only went down in the history of Czechoslovakia and Slovakia but also have become part of chronicles and our hotel history. That´s why many of our facilities are named after the most eminent of them and in the new hotel era with 79 new rooms, we are paying tribute to other personalities and dedicating our hotel suites to them so that their stories can live on.

A special Evening of Grand Moments, was held at our hotel on 20th September to dedicate the first three suites to king of comedians Vlasta Burian, multiple Olympic winner Emil Zátopek and his wife Dana also an Olympic winner, and charismatic Slovak actress Emília Vášáryová.

Almost a year later, the fourth eminent name was added to the “dedication family”. Czech pop and musical diva Lucie Bílá launched her suite on 19th August.

More Grandhotel suites are still waiting to be given their “prominent names” in the following months. For more information, please follow our website and hotel Facebook.


Dedication Suite of Lucie Bílá


Suite of Lucie Bílá


Suite no. 205 is dedicated to Czech pop and musical diva Lucie Bílá. Her casualness, humour and willingness to help those who need it most make her one of the most popular personalities not only in her home country but also in Slovakia. Grandhotel has already been honoured to welcome the holder of multiple prestigious awards in the past.




Evening of Grand Moments


The first three suites dedicated to our honourable guests:


Suite of Emília Vášáryová


Suite no. 221 is dedicated to a great lady and charismatic actress – Emília Vášáryová. She has played over one hundred characters during her life. It was the embrace of the beautiful Tatras, where one of the most romantic films of the Slovak cinematography – “Copper Tower” was shot.




Suite of Vlasta Burian


Suite no. 105 is named after a big lover of the Tatras – Vlasta Burian. The king of comedians and the father of Czech humour and film comedy was a loyal client of our Grandhotel. The keen sportsman couldn’t miss the opportunity to climb to the Zbojnícka chalet while staying in the Tatras.




Suite of Dana and Emil Zátopek


Suite no. 121 is dedicated to eminent sports legends – Dana and Emil Zátopek. They went down in the history of sport as Olympic winners, world champions, holders of titles, records and various awards. Emil Zátopek was known as a “great eater” at our hotel.




If you wish to stay at this suite, please specify your request in the “notes” section when booking your holiday. We will be happy to book the suite for you if it is available. Please note that although we always do our best to meet your wishes, it is not possible to guarantee individual suites for 100%.


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We have been also honoured to welcome...

  ... caricaturist Viktora Kubala; former Slovak president Rudolfa Schustera; actors Michal Dočolomanský, Mikuláš Huba, Ivan Mistrík, Jozef Króner, Ladislav Chudík, Milan Kňažko, Juraj Kukura, Milan Lasica, Magda Vášáryová a Emília Vášáryová, Radoslav Brzobohatý, Jozef Króner; presenters Oliver Andrásy a Martin Nikodým; musicians Miloš Váňa, Tibor Gašparek, Michal Karin, Gustav Brom; singers Karel Černoch, Eva Kostolányiová, Zuzana Lonská, Martin Babjak, Richard Muller, Lucia Bíla, Katarína Hasprová, Michal Dávid, Petr Kotvald; writers Andrej Plávka, Ľubomír Feldek, Miroslav Válek, Vojtech Mihálik, Peter Karvaš, Štefánia Pártošová, Máša Haľamová and many others.

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